Do Over: Vintage Liberty of London Skirt

I read something recently about the reason that French women are so much more stylish is that even when they buy off the rack, they always have their clothes tailored to fit them. I also read something else about the reason we have too many clothes is that we buy things, they don’t fit right, so we don’t wear it and end up buying something else.

I think both of these ideas make sense, in fact, I want to have less but better things in general. Because I like vintage, which tends to smaller sizes, I sometimes buy things that are too snug, thinking that I just have to lose a few pounds and then everything will be cool. But this time, by gum, I’d make the clothes do the work.

So I took the Liberty fabric skirt I found in Kitchener a couple of weeks ago to Master Tailor Wang, a gentleman who runs a shop on Carr St. Letting out clothes is much more difficult than taking them in. The solution was to lose some length and basically rebuild the skirt from the bottom up. I think he did a fantastic job. Plus he took my measurements and I had fittings so my jupe fits like a dream. It took three days from when I dropped it off to when I picked it up and cost $50.

I’m thinking that from now on, all new arrivals will be tailored.