Sneak Peek: Clarins Magic Colour Instant Blush

A couple of weeks ago, Clarins previewed it’s Fall 2010 collection to the press. While it’s not available in stores until August, I’m writing about it now so you can start saving your pennies now for the new Magic Colour Instant Blush. Clarins sent us home with a sample and I must say that it is pretty magical.

A sheer, creamy blush, Clarins Canada National Make-up artist Patrice Boudreau describes it thusly: “It is a product that reacts with the acidity of the skin. Just with contact, the skin becomes brighter. Because of the texture and the sheerness it is perfect for people who want something very natural.”

I finally tried it out this weekend in Cleveland. The shade in the pot was very pink, but it adjusted to complement my own skintone. And even though I was a little tipsy when I put it on, it blended nicely (I took photos — it wasn’t just the drink telling me it looked good). It definitely brightened and warmed up my complexion. Plus I got asked for ID at a restaurant (well I may have foisted my ID upon the server, but I takes what I can gets).

Boudreau also adds that you can also use it on your lips. Because the skin on the lips has a different kind of acidity, it will take on a different colour. I didn’t try it on my lips. In my tipsy state, I thought that I remembered that he said you could also wear as I eye shadow. He definitely didn’t say that. It looked good, but please don’t put blush on your eyelids.