1895 Wedgwood Cameo Ring

Most people think of tableware when they thing of the pottery concern that Josiah Wedgwood started 1759. But the company, over the years, also produced plaques and medallions that were often turned into jewellery. This dark blue Jasperware portrait medallion has a typical classical theme — a greek or roman soldier carrying his compatriot. On the back, it’s marked WEDGWOOD with a X.

According to the Wedgwood site, that would date the medallion to 1895. But the style of sterling and paste ring suggests the 1920s to me. Back in the day, Wedgwood jewellery was rarely made by Wedgwood. Instead folks would buy the pieces and have them mounted. This ring is signed with the maker’s mark P.G.S. Sterling.

Anyway, it’s real pretty and I like it’s unusual subject matter — a dainty ring with a dead soldier.