All New Review: Rihanna Live!

My brother-in-law scored some tickets to last night’s Rihanna/Ke$ha concert at the Molson Ampitheatre. Here is my style review.

We got to the show late, so we only caught the last two songs of Ke$ha’s set. Fortunately they were the two songs I know, “Your Love is My Drug” and “Tick Tock.” Lots of animal hats and body glitter were worn.

Rihanna sported about six costume changes, starting with a LED ball gown, quickly switching to a peachy no-pants number, and then alternating between various black (and one white) outfits with various superstructures growing out of the shoulders.

The “Last Girl on Earth Tour” started back in April, so there’s no startling new looks here. But I must say that Rihanna looks good — I wish I had better pictures of the big screen, but the singer has no fear of the extreme, three-story high closeup.

I did make one fashion discovery last night. Apparently everybody is making their own concert t-shirts now (see below). I’d say 1/16th of the audience was sporting tops customized with day-glo and sparkly fabric paints. Like the kind of shirt you’d make at day camp, back in the day. I don;t blame them considering that even the bootleg t-shirts were going for $20.

When did this trend start? And is home-shirt-making killing the recording industry?