Are You Carrying? Molly Stark Pocket Watch

This here is a ladies full hunter Molly Stark Pocket Watch.

The Hampden Watch Co. introduced this watch in 1896. This watch dates from around 1900 but looks almost brand new. When it was new, it cost $11.50 (about $300 today) from the Sear Roebuck Catalogue. That was a lot of money in those days.

Molly Stark was the wife of General John Stark, a revolutionary war hero for whom another model of watch was named.

Pictured with the watch is a watch pin and a lorgnette chain. Ladies generally carried their pocket watches in a little pocket, on a long, adjustable chain like this one or pinned to their waist. I would like to get this watch running again, but I haven’t quite mastered the art of carrying a pocket watch.