Sterling, Paste and Faux Pearl Choker

Cp Sterling clasp 1

I have more jewels than I can ever hope to sell in the Etsy Shop. So I took a whole heap to Mrs. Huizenga‘s — good stuff too! Lots of Bohemian bangles and necklaces, retro ’90s earrings (if it’s your inclination to look like a cast member from “A Different World,” and a whole bag of prom-worthy pearls. You should totally go there and buy them all up!

Anyway, while I was preparing the collection to take over to Mrs. H’s, something compelled me to give this faux pearl and paste choker a second look. And sure enough, it was marked CP with the British Assay marks for Birmingham, Sterling and the year 1989. I’m thinking of sourcing a few strands of cultured pearls and having them restrung in a princess-length just to show off the glittering clasp.

So even though you won;t find this particular necklace at Mrs. Huizenga’s, there are still plenty of other pretty baubles to be had!