Sidewalk Finds and Other Free Stuff

The streets are once again paved with free stuff. I’ve actually been avoiding bringing home things I find on the street for a couple of reasons: I already have too much stuff and I’m sort afraid of bringing home bedbugs. But I found a cool wirework telephone table on the weekend, and I had to make it mine. First of all, bedbugs can’t attach themselves to metal, right? And the one thing we actually needed for our house was a telephone table — we’ve been perching our phone a cardboard box for about three years now.

Another thing we’ve needed is a table lamp for our living room and I got this cool teak one for free at the Drake Market last weekend. It seemed like all the stars were coming into alignment, but alas, the table is too small for the phone and the lamp. If only I could find one more, slightly higher table — my living room would be complete. Except for bookshelves. That room really needs built-ins or something.