Fringe Festival

868636BC-3184-48B4-8A62-3EC902134265Just as I seem to keep buying the same things over and over again, I am also guilty of writing posts about buying the same things over and over again.

For instance, fringed shoulder bags. I got obsessed with them last year and decided that I needed a low slung, black suede bag as my signature purse. I hacked a handbag that I found at the Value Village and it served me well throughout the summer but alas, it was fast fashion from H&M and after repairing it four times I realized I had to put it down.

5CA3D1A3-C388-4421-A3B6-3AD982D1B96AI’ve been on the lookout ever since and two weeks ago, I came across this Garugliers Italy satchel. It is not as big as the old bag, but it is more robustly built so it should last a decade, not just one season.

Of course, after I found that fringed lady, I started seeing black suede fringed bags everywhere. It was hard to resist getting a handbag variant, but I was strong. And then I spotted a tan leather crossbody and I los my will. And despite all earlier lessons learned about buying fas fashion (even when used), this one is still by H&M. At least it’s all leather so hopefully it will endure.