Sunday Shopping Coming Down

Sunday morning I decided to get out of the house early and do stuff before the Santa Clause Parade cleaved the city in two. I went to the St. Lawrence Antique Market, but they had all been turfed out onto the sidewalk across the street. It was freaking cold. I bought the very pretty niello and enamel bracelet and Navajo turquoise shadowbox ring pictured above, and a pretty leather jewellery box and an amber nugget necklace (not pictured).

The best thing about the bracelet is the inscription: Enid With Love From Ted.

I then made my way to the Eaton Centre to see if there was any stray Lanvin at H&M. No dice. But there was a sale at American Eagle Outfitters. Everything in the store was 20 percent off, including items on the 30 percent sale rack. So I bought some military inspired pantaloons (below).

I also picked up a loose fitting, sheer pink batwing sweater (not pictured) and a little ruffled cardi (pictured below). FYI: They are having this same sale next Sunday.