Onward and Upward With the Arts Pt. I

When I’m sick, I like to clean. And I am feeling poorly this evening. So I’ve cleaned off my dresser and installed a sidewalk find mirror. I had to move some art around to accommodate the mirror.

I’ve also been actively seeking out Inuit stonecut prints, and I still hadn’t hung some recent eBay finds. Above is the result of my feverish curatorial frenzy.

From left to right: Three Value Village oil paintings (the top is signed C. Lewis, the bottom two are signed A. Caron); an Agnes Nanogak stone cut print that I won on eBay; a lovely gift from my friend Jay Wilson (who has a show on at MADE right now); And two Inuit stonecut prints that think may be by Helen Kalvak.

I also picked up some lovey arts at City of Craft, but more about that later…