Top Five Finds of 2010

A quick review of some of my favourite Thrift Club finds, including the Victorian Slide Mesh Bracelet, (pictured above) that I got in the fall but am only sharing here for the first time! Found it at the St. Lawrence Market for $30. I’ve just been unable to get a good photo of it.

A quick review of the Thrift Club rules: 1. No purchase shall cost more than $36 dollars; 2. Thrifting is done in thrift shops, garage sales, online auctions or Craigslist. I found the Gutta Percha chain (above) at Rozaneh. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was in the 30s.

What are my criteria for what makes a find great? Mostly it’s finding an example of something I’ve been searching for for a long time. And it also has to be something timeless, something that I don’t get bored with after a couple of months. Of course, the Rolex Standard watch (above) also comes with a great story — I found it in a $10 bag of vintage watches.

And finally, two great clothing finds: A vintage Lanvin in my size and a Diane von Fürstenberg Jeanne wrap dress (a classic!)