All New Review: Yes To Carrots C How to Shower Carrot Rich Shower Gel

The Twitterati were all abuzz when the Yes To Carrots collection came to Canada last summer (it was previously one of those products friends would ask me to bring back from cross border shopper expeditions to Target). I finally got around to purchasing the Shower Carrot Rich Shower Gel for normal to dry skin, $10, last weekend.

First off, It has a faint Play-Doh smell, which is calming on its own, somehow. The product is made from mostly natural ingredients (the label claims carrot juice, pumpkin, sweet potato, melon and dead sea mud) and is paraben-free. All reassuring words.

So I took a couple of long hot showers and here’s what I found: It’s not a heavy duty latherer (paraben-free things rarely are), which is okay by me. It has moisturizing properties, yet I felt cleansed not oiled up. The big bonus for me is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dried out after my shower. I work in the driest office ever and my skin hasn’t felt chapped.