Three Ring Circus

I got three new rings today. These purchases were guided by two very different style icons. The first is Patti Smith. I just finished reading her book Just Kids. In several passages she describes searching for or receiving dainty, gold wire rings. The way she described her admiration for this type of ring had me longing for a such a jewel. I bid for the citrine ring (pictured below) on eBay and won.

While I was waiting for my band of gold to arrive, I checked out the auction at Waddingtons and saw the twisted rope and ruby ring pictured above. I thought “two dainty rings would look pretty together.” I went to the auction, bid and won.

The other style directive I was following this week comes via the late Elizabeth Taylor, who once said “Big girls need big diamonds.” I bid on a big diamond, bid and lost. Fortunately the ruby ring came in a lot with an enormous emerald and garnet ring.