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Promo Pieces

Picked up a few freebies whilst out and about last week, including these postcard/sticker sheets at the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule exhibition at Union Square (which is also free). And here’s a purple… Continue reading

My Dark Bidding

Auction wins

Must de Cartier

Tank Girl

Auction Results

Fan pages

Auction Results

Bid fun

Auction Results

Bidding winnings

Lights, Camera, Auction!

It’s a banner week month for fans of vintage in Toronto this week. First up is Waddington’s Quarterly Jewellery Auction on Wednesday night (previews on Tuesday). I’ve been outbid the last couple of… Continue reading

What I Didn’t Win At the Waddington’s Auction

Luxury goods on the cheap.

The Little Rings in Life

A look a little rings.

Three Ring Circus

I got three new rings today. These purchases were guided by two very different style icons. The first is Patti Smith. I just finished reading her book Just Kids. In several passages she… Continue reading

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