Peachy Keen Richard Wyman Resin Bangle

A note about jewels that I find. I usully pick up a piece because I think it’s pretty. Sometimes I am looking for a specific example from a certain era. And I do keep a mental list of designers who’s work I admire and want to study. But the resin bangle pictured above is simply something that I though looked cool, so I bought it.

I wore this bracelet when we were shooting Vicki’s house for Covet Garden. I noticed that Vicki and Jessica were wearing strikingly similar pieces. There’s were by Toronto artist Richard Wyman. Jessica reminded me that I had even met Richard Wyman at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition a couple of years back.

I can’t say with 100 percent accuracy that this is one of his pieces (Vicki’s and Jessica’s bangles are signed), but I will take this opportunity to give a shout out to a jewellery maker whose stuff I dig.