Jewels That Jingle Jangle Dangle

Because I am going through Fringe Festival withdrawal, I thought it was appropriate to share some fringey favourites. Above is a celluloid necklace which I sold in a moment of needing cash fast. It lives in Italy now. Just when I was thinking that I’d never find another one like it, Jessica found this maple leaf necklace at Aberfoyle on Sunday. She graciously let me have it.

I love fringe necklaces. My favourite is a present from Mr. Andrew, When he went to India, he brought me back the tourmaline fringe necklace (and bracelets) pictured below. Mr. Andrew has excellent taste.

And finally, my horn and sterling Hermès Raji PM Corne Bub Bubalis bracelet (that’s what it said on the tag). It makes a wonderful tinkling sound when I walk.