Edwardian 9ct Gold and Greenstone Kia Ora Pendant

I found many great things at the St. Lawrence Market last weekend, but I’m going to stretch out posting about them because I’m on vacation next week and I’m lazy.

One of the best finds (and I didn’t actually discover it, my friend Jessica did and asked if I wanted it — I did) is this greenstone (pounamu or nephrite jade) heart with the engraved fern leaves and the words “Kia Ora” attached. A little internet sleuthing when I finally got home and I was rewarded with an interesting story. It’s from New Zealand, probably pre 1910, and Kia Ora is a greeting that literally means “be well/healthy” but it generally the equivalent of “hi.”

It’s marked 9ct on the bail. It cost $2. Here’s an ad with Kia Ora jewellery from around 1910.