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Thrifty Finds

I second hand emotion

A Few Old Finds

20th Century Goods

From The Vaults

Some jewelry treasures from the vault.

Charmed, I’m Sure: Edwardian Gold FIlled Charm Bracelet

Check out this old time charm bracelet.

Auction Highlights

Finds from a jewellery auction.

Edwardian Repoussé Padlock Bracelet

An Edwardian repoussé heart shaped padlock bracelet.

Collections Week: New Edwardian Arrivals

Recent early 20th Century jewellery finds.

Beauty in the Ruins: Edwardian Silver Cloisonnée Brooch

A damaged cloisonée brooch.

Downtown Downton Abbey

Examples of Edwardian Jewellery.

My Favourite Things: Pale Blue I

Whilst hanging up my laundry (above) I came to a sudden realization that more than half of my wardrobe has blue in it. I always thought my go to colours were green or… Continue reading

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