Transitional Shoes: Joe Fresh Tan Clogs

Looking over the Spring/Summer 2012 collections from New York Fashion Week, I can say with some confidence that shoes will continue to be vertiginously high, with clunky heels. Which is why I’m happy with my new tan leather Joe Fresh clogs. The tan is a nice neutral so I can wear them with summery dresses until the weather grows too cold, and jeans when it becomes chillier. And I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that they’ll still be in style next spring. Plus they were on sale for $35.

The only problem? I think I’ve forgotten how to walk in heels over the summer. I took them for a test drive on Sunday and I sounded like a horse even though I took tiny mincing steps. It took, like, an hour to walk to Dundas and Ossington.

Other good shoe news: Flatforms and wedges will continue to be stylish.