Art Deco Week: Day One 18K Parallelogram Brooch

Had an epic weekend of thrifting in the east end — both at vintage shops and at The Cabbagetown Festival Community Yard Sale.

The best find by far was this Art Deco brooch. I was so excited that I think I paid the guy more than he was asking for (I bought seven things for $10). It’s marked 18k and features three six-pointed stars containing prong set gems (I can’t tell you if they are real or not unfortunately). My guess is that it’s post-WW1. This is a wild guess based on two things: It has a vaguely military look to it and the numerals on the touch mark are raised, which I vaguely remember someone telling me meant that it probably dates (roughly) between 1914 and 1929.

One of the hallmarks of Art Deco design is geometric shapes with sharp contours and angles, which this rhomboid-y pin has in spades. It’s a little more minimalistic than a lot of what we think of when we talk about about deco,but there a plenty of cool details to admire, such as the mix of polished and satin textures and the Old European Cut stones. The simplicity of the piece makes my think that it was meant more for daytime wear (at the community yard sale there was a picture of an early ’20s lady wearing a similarly simple brooch).