Year View Mirror: Bracelets

All week long, I’ll be counting down my favourite finds by category. Today it’s bracelets.

I probably buy more bracelets than any other type of jewel. I like to wear a whole bunch at once. Which is why this carved lucite and carved horn bangles are tied at number 3 — I always wear them together. They were $2 each at the St. Lawrence Market.

Number 2. This Native American-style copper bracelet was a much better deal: $1 at the Trinity Bellwoods Yard Sale.

My number 1 find is not an example of thrift at all. It’s a Hermès sterling and horn bracelet. Even though it’s not covered in “H”s or logos, people seem to notice it straight away. It was heavily discounted because it was new old stock from the 2009 collection, but still it was an “investment.”