Year View Mirror: Clothing

This week, I’ll be counting down my favourite finds by category. Today it’s clothing. Overall, I’ve been feeling pretty good about my wardrobe choices this year. With other finds, I’ve ranked them based on factors such as how long I’d been coveting said item, or what a great deal I got. This time, my sole criteria is how often I wear them.

Number 3: Old Navy trousers. I haven’t had them that long, but I would live in them if I could. I’m thinking that, as soon as I finish this post, I should go back and buy a few more pairs just in case something happens to these ones.

Number 2: It was a hot summer and this skirt from Urban Outfitters was my go to piece all season. I actually thought about going someplace hot for a month (maybe February) so that I could wear it again soon.

Number 1: I love this Ella Moss top so much that I’ve noticed that all other top purchases have been consciously and subconsciously trying to replicate it. Not bad considering that it was an emergency purchase. I was on my way to my sister-in-laws swanky birthday party when I spilled food down the front of my blouson. I ran to the sale rack at Anthropologie hoping that A), I could afford something, and B) I could find something nice.