Story Time: 1970s Plastic Toy Watch

This is the tale behind this watch. When I was very young, on the eve of our whole family flying to Newfoundland for summer holidays, my younger sister broke her foot. That in itself is a classic family story (in a nutshell, we were playing hide and seek in my dad’s workshop and an anvil smashed her tiny foot).

After a long afternoon and night in emergency, and with a new fresh new plaster cast, my sister was given the okay to fly. All of the Ontario relatives showered her with presents to take her mind off the pain on the long plane ride. One of those presents was an oversized plastic watch that actually worked. And it even had a fancy complication — a brass finding of two children on a see saw that teeter tottered with the beat of each second.

She wound it up. The tick tocking was very loud. You can’t, however, unwind a watch. The sound must’ve made someone on the plane nervous and the flight attendants started to prowl the aisles serching for the source of the sound. The finally deduced that it was my sister’s watch and they confiscated it. She was very sad.

Then, decades later, I found three of these watches at the Value Village. I recognized them immediately and bought one for my sister. She recognized it immediately. I think she was happy.

The end.