I Found A (Faux) Art

I’m always on the lookout for Inuit art. I have made many amazing discoveries at the Value Village. This plaque, signed Siku, is not one of them. Siku is a company in Ontario that makes plaques, carvings and other objets “inspired” by first nations art. I don;t want to say it’s forgery or anything — it’s pretty obvious that other than the Inuit “scene” depicted, it more of a naive drawing style. The face even reminds me a little of Henry Darger. And I don’t that Siku is robbing inuit artists of potential markets. It’s just that this kind of Canadiana is confusing when it shows up on the secondary market. I’ve seen antique dealers pass this stuff off as authentic Inuit art. If you’re thrifting for art, like anything else, it always helps to do your research before you go out and hunt. And never pay more than $5 for something you’re unsure about.

Me, I’m still gonna hang this guy up on my wall.