Find of the Month: Chanel Scarf

chanel Mademoiselle Scarf 1980s

I picked up this 1980s-era mouselline silk scarf for $2 at the Value Village last week. Now the years between Coco Chanel’s death in 1971 until Karl Lagerfeld came on board in 1983 was not exactly “peak Chanel” design-wise, so this find is not as huge as say finding a Verdura for Chanel cuff. The print does have a picture of said bracelet as well as the designer’s signature pearls and interlocking C earrings, so that’s something. Still the design is so, how do you say, inelegant, that I had to spend a few days researching it before I felt confident that it was authentic. I’m added it to my Etsy shop, but there’s a part of me that hopes it doesn’t sell because I’m greedy and I want all the scarves!