All New Review: Addition Elle Bra

Additionelle Femme Fatale Underwire Bra

I was invited to a press event for Addition Elle to meet lingerie model Ashley Graham and talk about the store’s new direction. I’ll tell you more about all that next week. Today let’s talk about the actual lingerie.

As a parting gift, the folks at Addition Elle gave us a new bra. Mine was a turquoise-coloured Femme Fatale Underwire brassiere. Yesterday I took it for a test drive.

Choosing the right foundation garments is an incredibly important factor in how well your clothes will fit. And having a bra that gives you proper support can make you look 10 pounds lighter. I learned this a long time ago when I went to buy a girdle so I could fit into my all-purpose party dress for my friend Angela’s wedding. The lady at the lingerie shop informed my that I didn’t need to be corseted, I just need a bra that fit. It seems that I have forgotten that the body continually changes and have been fitted for a proper bra in over four years.

Any, the boobs have gotten bigger and I’ve clearly crossed into the land where a full support bra is needed. And that’s the Femme Fatale’s job and it does it well. I wore it under a blouse that normally gaps between the buttons. That did not happen this time. And my bosoms looked well-formed and dare I say, younger? Best of all, there was no dreaded extra boob caused by fat simply being rearranged. Not even in the back.

I did feel a little constrained. Not in an uncomfortable way, but I was definitely aware of the bra’s presence. On the plus side, it is very pretty and I like the bold colour — it made me feel less like I was wearing a contraption. Another note, you don’t have to be plus-sized to appreciate Addition Elle’s bras — just busty.

The bestest part of the whole thing is that the Femme Fatale Underwire Bra is only $50. When I bought brassieres for my trousseau, they cost about $100 each. They lasted forever, but it’s still a steep price. Now I’ve only worn this once so I can’t tell you that the Addition Elle lingerie is going to endure for four years (your body will probably have changed again by then anyway), but at these prices it’s probably worth taking a chance.

Image via Addition Elle