From The Vaults

A bank safety deposit boxReading about the discovery of Huguette Clark‘s fabulous jewels, which had been stashed away in a bank vault since 1940, prompted me to pay a visit to my own safe deposit box last weekend. I try and keep that which I don’t wear regularly carefully locked away so some hobbit doesn’t snatch away my preciouses.

I like to rotate things that I wear so nobody feels left out, but I have some jewels that more or less live at the bank permanently because of their sentimental value. The opal (above) and tourmaline (below) rings pictured here are gifts from Mr. Andrew’s mother. When they left Kenya in the ’70s, they couldn’t take any cash out of the country, so she had her currency converted into jewels. I like them because they’re big and colourful. I wore the Tourmaline ring when we got married. But the rings ultimately belong to Andrew, so I don’t wear them.

There are other pieces that I don’t wear often because they are too glam — like the enormous Edwardian citrine lavalier necklace and H. Stern Sputnik cocktail ring pictured below — so they sit in the vault awaiting an invite to the Oscars.

Edwardian Citrine Lavaliere pendant

H Stern multi gemstone  ring

I also have some things that are beautiful, but not so practical to wear, such as this big and bulky Edwardian watch chain.Or this teeny tiny Victorian seed pearl and opal pin.

I have a surplus of rings, so some of my stash is just overflow, like the Edwardian diamond and sapphire ring pictured below. Mostly I let old and new jewels mingle while I played around and took pictures of my pretties with my iPhone. I’m turning into a weird Scrooge McDuck character. Next thing you know I’ll fill a pool with jewels and swim around in it.