Maintenance: Watch Repair

Stainless Steel Deco Certina Watch

Since I’m not buying anything new, I’ve turned my attention to fixing up the stuff that I’ve got. For example, I’m fond of the striking design of this stainless steel Certina watch from the 1930s. I picked it up in big $20 bag o’ watches at the St. Lawrence Antique market a couple of months ago. I didn’t want to drop a lot of coin on fixing it up as I have way too many working watches to justify it. Nikole, from the most recent issue of Covet Garden, hipped me up to the fact that many of the watch dealers at Antique markets also do basic fixies on the spot and for cheap.

I took it in to one of these dealers. He gave it a clean and got it running again, but four hours later it had stopped. I took it back the following weekend and her took another look at (no extra charge). It’s keeping excellent time now. If you count transit cost of having to go back, It probably wasn’t much less expensive than taking it to my regular watchmaker. But I have no regrets!