Maintenance: Resurfacing

As one reaches a certain age, one has much more upkeep to do. I’ve reached a point where I have become self conscious of the skin tags on my neck and the peach fuzz on my cheeks. So I used my Shopper’s Drug Mart Optimum points on Compound W Skin Tag Remover and Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo kits.

The hair removal kit worked a treat. Basically it’s a two step process: apply the protective salve to the area you want to target, and then apply a dollop of what smelled like Nair. As promised, it smoothed the peach fuzz off in eight minutes without irritating my skin. Please note, my facial hair is fine and blonde and only shows up as a sort of halo effect when the light hits it a certain way. I can’t vouch for how well this product works on darker, coarser hair.

The skin tag removal is a longer process. It’s kinda like having a wart burned off in the doctor’s office. You place what looks like a big blue binder page re-enforcer over the tag. Then you freeze it with a liquid. It stings a little. It also takes two weeks for the tag to drop off. The tags I froze about a week ago seem to have shrivelled away, but there’s still a red mark where they once lived.

Yes, this is all gross talk, but I hope it has been useful.