Eat Week: San Fransisco Treats — El Toro, Chez Panisse, In-N-Out Burger

Chips Guacamole Burrito Aqua Fresca at El Toro SAn Francisco

San Francisco is another of my favourite eating cities. Actually the whole Bay Area is a cornucopia of deliciousness. We had two transcendant food experiences there. Burritos and agua fresca at El Toro in the Mission and dinner at Chez Panisse in Berkley.

Chez Panisse restaurant Berkley

There were so many other great food memories. Fresh cherries, tasty nuts in San Jose. I also dragged Mr. Andrew through the touristy areas in search of frozen bananas (which I love) and an In-N-Out burger (which all of the people I know in LA end up being mysteriously addicted to). The burger was just okay.

In-N-Out Burger platter