Stay Gold

Fake 9ct Gold Hallmarks

Last week I told you a story about Kismet. This week I have a story about Karma.

I went to visit my friends the Estonians to see if they could help me research the old bangle pictured below. I hadn’t been there since I got them to turn the old graduated watch chain I got in an auction box into a bracelet. All of the links were marked 9ct and I used the scrap from the shortened chain to pay for the conversion.

Long story short, when I went in, they told me that it turned out that it wasn’t gold after all. I felt bad and paid them back. On one hand, I didn’t have to because they are the experts and should have done an scratch test. On the other hand, they have taught me so much about jewellery that I thought that it would be nice to have some points in the good karma ledger.

The Estonians said that they felt badly because they let their excitement colour their judgement — everything looked right about the piece so they skipped the test. Sometimes gold fever can do that to even experienced jewellers. Lessons learned: People have always faked assay marks, even 100 years ago. I still like my bracelet. And the mystery bracelet is still a puzzler but now we know it’s not gold either.

Renaissance revival bangle'