What I Didn’t Win At the Waddington’s Auction

Louis Vuitton Cup Tote Bag

I went to an auction at Waddington’s last Wednesday. I wanted to get two things: The Louis Vuitton leather duffel bag pictured above, the Cartier Tank Française pictured below. Both had ridiculously low estimates ($80 for the bag and $300 for the watch), so I thought I stood a chance.

Cartier Tank watch

I was also optimistic because most lots were going well under the starting bids. Many weren’t selling at all. I don’t know what this lack of action means. Either the luxury market is losing steam or a lot of the usual bidders stayed home that night. But alas, both of the lots I wanted went over the estimates. Still, the final hammer price was still so tantalizingly close! But once you add in the buyer premium and taxes (and the fact that I’ve just paid a huge tax bill), there was no way I could afford to be a lady of luxury this time around.

I did pick up a few jewellery job lots for a song. I will share some of those finds next week.