Welcome to the Land of Lapis Lazuli

Collection of Lapis Lazuli Jewellery

Anybody who follows my Pinterest boards knows that I’ve been fixated with all things dark blue recently. Specifically with Lapis Lazuli. While I’ve always been attracted to the gold-flecked gemstone, In the last couple days I’ve found myself trolling the internets for more. I also decided to reignite my passion for the Lapis pieces I already have by rephotographing them.

Above, two made in Mexico bracelets (one silver with lapis inlay, the other silver plate with cabs) and Navajo watch tips plus a Mexican modernist ring and a more traditional Navajo ring. Below is a pair of earrings I fashioned from a single, Scandinavian cufflinks.

830 Silver Lapis Cabochon Earrings

I more real and faux lapis pieces that I didn’t get around to photographing today.The thing is that most things I have are set in silver, and my new Lapis jones is for blue on gold action. I will have to console myself with my Elis Kauppi for Kupitaan Kulta ring (shown below) until I can afford to splurge on some gold.

Elis Kauppi Kupitaan Kulta Lapis Lazuli Gold Ring