Art Show: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Xenia Taler and Dan Goodsell

Hiroshi Sugimoto photo Xenia Taler tile Dan Goodsell watercolour

One of the reasons I like doing this blog is that it helps me record the things that I see and do. But it also helps me record the things that I have. As a Fine Arts grad, I do like to surround myself with visual things. I’ve shared some of the arts that I’ve found in the past, but there’s plenty of pieces that haven’t appeared here before.

Like this trio from my living room. Every picture, as they say, tells a story: The Hiroshi Sugimoto photo of the S.C. Johnson Building is actually a poster from his 2004 Sonnabend show “Architecture.” I was in New York at the time and I brought home the poster and had it framed. Speaking of buildings, the watercolour on the bottom left proclaims that “Bacon Fears Bad Architecture.” It’s by the Los Angeles-based artisit Dan Goodsell and features his character, Shaky Bacon. Our friends Luc and Jessica brought it back from LA as a prezzie. And the black and white dot lady tile is by local company Xenia Taler. I’ve always admired their tiles and happily found this one at the Value Village. And in a strange twist of fate, Xenia sent us an email the very next day telling us how much she liked Covet Garden. Mutual admiration circle complete!