A Good Old Fashioned Hunting Trip Pt. 2 — St. John’s and Lillian’s

Grindley petalware bowl

When I go on a thrift safari, I usually have a few things that I’m looking for. Last Thursday, I was desperately seeking Petalware bowls as my old ones keep breaking. Fortunately I found this one (for $1) at the St. John’s Thrift at Woodbine and Danforth.

1940s Jose Flores Taxco Enamel Brooch

I kept walking east on the Danforth to visit a little antique shop called Lillian’s near Main Station. I don’t make it out there a lot, but when I do, Lillian rarely disappoints. A bought four things for combined $70 bucks, including this 1940s enamel and sterling brooch by Taxco silversmith Jose Flores (not to be confused with Jose Luis Flores). I was super excited because I had just been in a Pinterest hole, looking up examples of vintage Mexican enamelled jewellery.

I also got some earrings (not pictured), and the neat looking minimalist silver ring pictured below (the one that’s not the heart). I found one more great bauble at Lillian’s, but I’m saving it for Midweek Modness tomorrow!