Good Old Fashion Yard Sale Treasure

A collection of Yard Sale finds

This past weekend I went to scope out the annual Trinity Bellwwods Yard Sale as well as some street sale action. This hunt yielded a few good finds. Starting with the Kathie Winkle plates, turquoise bead necklace, huge Mexican silver hoop earrings and the random silverplate cuff pictured below. I got the cuff and plates for $1 for the pair and the earrings and necklace for $1 for the pair. I like when garage sale prices are $1.

A collection of yard sale finds

It was a good sale and I came back with a pretty random haul, such as the Sterling silver Oopik charm ($10 along with the cross and letter B charms at the very bottom of this post), a filigree costume jewellery ring ($1) three vintage barrettes including the same Buch + Deichman clip I found at yard sale in Cabbagetown last year that I lost before (part of the buck that paid for the plates and the cuff) and an hand-enamelled owl pin (which I got along with the charms).

Colelction of vintage jewellery yard sale finds

I actually ran out of time and energy before I could finish perusing the whole park. And there was a wool jacket that I was going to go back for, but it was too hot to even think of carrying wool in the sun. Still I’m particularly pleased with the tiny metal art sculpture of a stylized lady that I got at one of the street sales. The lady told me the name of the artist but all I can remember is that he lives in Ottawa, he’s in a band and his initials are J. R.