Find of the Month: Modernist Pendant

18K Modernist Abstract Pendant

Haven’t done a Thrift Club find of the month for a while, but this one is a goodie. I was in K-W visiting the parents and I wandered into a thrift shop on King St. while waiting for my bus back to Toronto. They had lots of good, reasonably priced ’50s and ’60s vintage clothes and decor items (nothing in my size, however), but the jewellery selection was uninspiring. That is until I spotted a $4 bag of broken jewellery.

The bag had various odds and ends that would would be good for fixing stuff, so I bought it. And whilst rifling through the goodie bag on the bus, I discovered this beauty. It looks like it was part of an earring, but I can turn it into a pendant, it’s big enough. And guess what else? It’s marked 18k, so I could just scrap it to pay for my current, top secret jewellery-making project (more on that later).