I Found An Art: Antony Gormley “Vessel”

After looking at so many canonical examples of art and architecture across Tuscany and Umbria, it was a delight to take in some contemporary art. The town of San Gimignano is home to an internationally reknowned art gallery called Galleria Continua. Their current exhibition is British sculptor Antony Gormley‘s “Vessel.”

Detail, Anthony Gormley "Drift 1"

The show had two locations: In the gallery and out in the streets of San Gimignano. The works are mostly figural — the human body twisted into yogic poses. In the gallery space, they are also pixelated. The pieces that were in the gallery showed figures that look cramped and claustrophobic. In situ, they also recalled the Etruscan tombs we had visited in Chiusi.

Antony Gormley "2 x 2 II"

Outside of the gallery, Gormley’s figures can be found all over San Gimignano — in gardens, half sunk into cobblestone streets and perched atop one of the town’s famous towers. Some are made of marble, some of steel. All stand as still like a sentinel. In their stillness, they create a powerful connection with the landscape. As a tourist who was starting to feel disconnected from reality after having so many amazing experiences, I was thankful to find an artwork that helped me feel centered again.

INstallation view, Antony Gormley "Subject"