Midweek Modness: Robert Larin Brooch

Robert Larin pewter brooch

One of my favourite things about the Junction Flea is socializing. Basically the jewels on the Gracious Good table lure like-minded vintage jewellery fans in so I can look at their favourite baubles.

I also got to meet some Gracious Good readers in person. I was especially happy to be introduced to Elaine, because she had this amazing Robert Larin brooch and she let me take a picture of her wearing it for the blog. Mr. Andrew and I had just been talking about all the people who would pick up a pretty pin, and then bemoan the fact that wearing brooches was becoming a lost art (I myself can never seem to make them work). I also loved how the bright blue and soft tie-dye of the fabric provided a nice balance to the brutalism of Larin’s work.

Thanks again Elaine, meeting you made my day! Here’s a closeup of the brooch.