Toronto Rocks: The Wild Moon

agate Wildmoon Necklace

At the last Junction Flea, a lady walked by wearing a lovely agate necklace. I asked her if she got at the Flea. She said she got it in Kensington Market and that it was by a local label called The Wild Moon. I did a little googling and learned that the Wild Moon is the creation of a young woman named Asia Clarke. You can buy her jewels online or at Pretty Freedom in Kensington Market, Miracle Thieves on Dundas and Crawford, or Tabula Rasa on Broadview and Danforth.

Anyway, I pinned a picture of the necklace to my Pinterest wish list and waited until that happy convergence of payday and having enough time to head out to one of the aforementioned shops. As luck would have, last Friday I got my first paycheque from my new contract and I had a meeting out on the Danforth. This necklace is now mine! And in honour of my new find, I’ll be posting about some of my favourite bijoux by Toronto designers all week.