I Found An Art: Inuit Tapestry

4259871B-7C2A-4054-9AAA-B04F75A30746.jpegOne of my favourite shops is Mama Loves You Vintage on Queen West at Augusta. They are amazing at finding old clothes from so many eras. They also have a strong point of view when it comes to collecting clothing.

And one of my favourite things about Mama Loves You is their $5 Treasure Trunk. Many of my favourite threads have come from this bin. Yes, they are priced at $5 for a reason — most need some sort of TLC.

Like this Inuit tapestry that I found there yesterday. It was a little dirty and one of the hide appliqués has come loose.

1B32D177-392E-4433-ADCC-79FD4029A7C1I was able to remove the superficial stains with some mild soap and a soft bristled brush (didn’t want to mess with the nap of the felted wool backdrop. Rest itching the hunter was a little trickier because the hide was a little dry and therefore prone to tearing. Using the smallest needle I could find, I managed to tack the hunter back on.