My First Chronograph: Seiko “UFO” 6138

Pardon the quickie iPhone photo, but I couldn’t wait to brag about my new watch! It’s 1970s Seiko 6138 Chronograph (called the UFO by collectors). I got it at the Waddington’s Auction last Wednesday. It’s enormous and heavy and it looks brand new! It has two registers — a big eye and small eye dial with day-date in French and English. And it has its original, signed strap. It’s keeping good time, but after I set it it realized that I don’t really know how to work a chronograph.

Some Seiko fun facts: This watch was marketed under several different names, including Yachtman, SpeedTimer and “5” Sport Chronograph. Seiko was the first watchmaker to introduce an automatic chronograph, beating Zenith by months.