Year View Mirror: Perfect Moments

perfect moments

In 2012, I realized a few goals and also came to a few realizations as well. I thought I’d share:

1. We finally finished editing the Canadian Space Opera Company‘s Radio Brain Freeze show. It is currently airing on CIUT. That’s Erik — our editor — and CSpOC’s own Sam hold a USB stick with the finished shows on it. Excelsior!

2. Covet Garden won an award! We received a Silver in Best Online Only Article or Series of Articles from the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

3. I realized that hammocks are awesome, with the help of our wee niece and brother-in-laws Stephen (who bought the hammock) and David (who let us install it at his grand cottage).

4. I also realized how much I love Toronto. Look at this picture from the Toronto the Good party. There’s a rainbow! That’s gotta tell you something.