Year View Mirror: 2012 The Year of Living Like A Millionaire

2012 review
It’s been a roller coaster of a year. I have called 2012 the year of living like a millionaire. Not that I made a million dollars, but I did have some priceless experiences. If I had to choose my top 5 at this particular moment.

1. We went to Italy! We stayed in a Tuscan Villa (well, technically Umbrian) with some amazing people and ate delicious food and saw amazing and ancient things and had incredible experiences. No wonder people keep making movies and writing books about their trips to Italy. Thank you Heather and Martin for inviting us and Barb, Eric, Craig, Elizabeth and Marian for being the best travelling companions.

2. The Junction Flea!
Mostly this collection of food, craft and vintage vendors is one of the best things to happen to Toronto this year. All summer long, folks kept telling me that they couldn’t believe that something so cool was happening in their neighbourhood because it’s a great place to socialize and support local creative types. Personally, having a table at the Flea let me meet other jewellery and vintage aficianados plus I learned a thing or two about business, which gave me the guts to finally open an Etsy shop. Thanks to Micah and Paul for making this thing happen, and to Mr. Andrew and Justin for helping me sell stuff. Also thanks to Nancy for writing about our table in the Grid, and Kalpna and Arounna for their selling advice.

3. Du Jour and the Star. Not only did I get to live like a millionaire, I got to write like one too. First of all thanks to Nancy at Du Jour for paying me to blather on about watches. And thanks to Tracey at The Star for letting me write the city’s neatest cafés, boutiques and designers. Which brings us to…

4. I went to Philadelphia! The city of brotherly love (and sisterly affection) is one of my many homelands. So how could I resist a contract writing for a Philadelphia travel magazine. Turns out that Philly is a pretty cool town. I found one of my great-great-great-great (etc.) grandfather’s name on a plaque on City Hall, and I got to hang out with Stephanie, who I met when we featured her house in Covet Garden, and her gentleman caller Christopher. It was only one weekend, but I will be back! Thanks to Paul and Jason for letting me part of their team for a spell.

5. I went to Halifax! I am convinced that if I don’t dip my feet in the Atlantic every couple of years I will die. Luckily, I got to go out East with the Panel Show as part of the Atlantic Fringe. The theatre and comedy communities of Halifax were so nice to us, the audiences were great and I got to see some old friends as well. Thanks to Ned for inviting me along for the ride and to Rob for driving me to the ocean!