Year View Mirror: Top Thrift Jewelry Finds

THrift jewels 2012

Again, it was a good year for thrift and a good year for thrifted jewels. In my head, to qualify for my imaginary thrift club is that the item must cost less than $36. All of these babies cost less than that. There are also bonus points awarded if I find something that is worth a whole lot more, like last year’s Find of the Year or the Rolex I found in a $10 bag of jewellery. But for the purposes of this list, I am also factoring just how much I love each item.

So basically, this is an arbitrary and random list:
1. Elsa Peretti for Halston Bean Perfume Necklace. Elsa Peretti is one of my favourite designers, but I cannot afford Tiffany & Co. prices. I learned that pre-Tiffany, Peretti worked with the late designer Halston, designing not only his iconic perfume bottle but also jewellery. This bean compact, which once held a solid version of his signature scent was a steal on eBay.
2. Retro Rhinestone Bracelet, Silver Chalcedony Bracelet and N.E. From Tiger Eye Ring. Okay these are three things but they look so good together. The retro bracelet was a recent discovery — $7 at the St. Lawrence market. The cool blue bracelet is also from the Market. It was $2 (though I did have to replace a broken clasp. And the Neils Erik From ring is the most expensive purchase in this post — I got it in a vintage shop in Halifax for about $25.
3. Gold and Amethyst Earrings. These gigantic and glamorous dangles were $5 at the Value Village.
4. Enamelled Egyptian Revival Necklace. Another five dollar find, I have just wanted to see an example of one of these necklaces for a very long time. Now I own one.
5. YSL Opium Perfume Pendant. Continuing with the theme of perfume necklaces, I saw a woman wearing one of these tasseled necklaces last summer and I immediately went to eBay in search of one. Then, days later, I went to the St. Lawrence Market and scored this baby (it is missing the perfume) for $2.