New Old Le Coultre

1940s  le coultre ladies watch

Here’s a 1940s-era ladies cocktail watch bu LeCoultre that just came in the mail. You know, of the Jaeger-LeCoultres (JLC). The importing and exporting of watches was a complicated business for most of the 20th century. To protect the North American manufactures, there were heavy tariffs on Swiss-made brands. To get around heavy duties, Swiss movements were imported but the timepieces were cased in North America. This watch is actually engraved “cased and timed in America by Longines.” Another oddity,in North America JLCs were sold under the LeCoultre name from 1932 to approximately 1985.

Anyway it’s a pretty little timepiece and if you’re in the market for a JLC but you lack the hundreds of dollars needed to purchase even a used version, the North American market vintage pieces can be quite the bargain. This cost me, like, $13 plus shipping.