Flea Reprise

april junction flea shoes

Yesterday’s Junction Flea was super fun. Got a chance to mingle with the other vendors, Mr. Andrew and Mr. Justin and I enjoyed some banter, ate some tasty tacos and saw many friends. From a business standpoint, I got to try out my new display system (three retrofitted vintage suitcases I picked up at the Sally Ann last February). It definitely shows the jewels better than my old, gerry-rigged system of bits and pieces of things I found on the sidewalk. As Mr’ Justin observed, the old display made the jewels look junky. Another added benefit, because you can use the suitcases to store jewellery, you don’t have carry boxes of baubles and boxes of display dooddads.

As you can see from the picture below, there’s still lots of room for improvement. Since this is the last indoor Flea of the season, we’re brainstorming ways on how to best show off things outdoors.

April Junction Flea