Opal Ear Pendants

opal ear pendants

A long, long time ago I found a pair of opal earrings. The white opals were tear-drop shaped and full of fire, but they were set in a gold-filled setting that made my ears all itchy and green. So I decided to have them reset in gold. My original plan was to have them hang from a pair of studs set with some smokey star sapphire cabs. My jeweller, however, wouldn’t do it because the cabs were not the same size. So I thought, I’ll just get the opals set as pendants and then I can hang them off any earrings I like.

Cut forward six months or more. My Estonian friend was not well and couldn’t do the work for a while. Christmas rolled around and everybody kind of forgot about it. They called and left a message on my machine but it was garbled and I didn’t know who was calling. But now the stars are all aligned and I went and picked them up yesterday. Here they are hanging from hoops along with a pair of onyx ear pendants that I’ve had forever.

In a month of austerity it’s kinda neat to have these opal reappear. It’s like finding money in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn since last spring.