Fresh Prints

img_2013We have amassed a lot of art in our day. Now comes the time that we must focus our collection a little. So we’ve decided to specialize in prints and other artist multiples. We like the graphic nature of printmaking plus collecting prints is generally more affordable for two people who freelance.

And sometimes it’s even free. When I was at a recent demonstration in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock against the North Dakota Access Pipeline, organizers were handing out some amazing prints. Which in a way is a brilliant marketing move because not only will art works catch peoples’ eye, they are also keepsakes that people will carry home and display and that will encourage more conversation about the issue.


I brought home this beautiful, black and white bear by artist Santiago Matzatl. You can support the cause and get your own poster at justseeds.

blog Liliane Geese PrintOf course the Value Village is another good source of inexpensive prints. I found this little image of Canadian Geese for $2.99.

blog cranston

And I got this 1970s-era Toller Cranston lithograph in a Bunz Trade last week. Note: sorry about the fuzzy photos. Winter is coming and good daylight is hard to come by. The art will have to regenerate me during the long nights