Find of the Month: Cartier Retractable Mechanical Pencil

Cartier 14ct Retractible Pencil cu

It’s a little banged up, but this wee little chatelaine pencil may be my greatest thrift find yet. It’s marked CARTIER 14ct. plus various serial numbers. I mean, I’d like to think that brand names don;t impress me, but it’s mother lovin’ Cartier! And it’s a big chunk of gold to boot. So while I was hyperventilating when I found the Christian Dior purse for four bucks last Tuesday, and jibber jabbering with joy when I found the Kachina for 50 cents on Saturday. I literally broke into a cold sweat when I picked the pencil out of a show box full of other amazing jewels and stuff (I’ll share those later).

How gaga did I get? I had a handful of finds. I asked the guy how much. He said $10. I said sold. I made a joke about, how much for the whole shoe box? He said $30. I didn’t $30 and I didn’t want the guy to take a closer look at the goods in my hand while I went to a bank machine, so I took a pass. Goodness knows what else was in that box! Oh well, as much as I want everything, It’s best not to get too greedy.

I haven’t figured out how to load the pencil lead into the pencil yet, but the simple shape makes it an interesting pendant on its own. It’s also engraved J.N.R. I could change my name to Jonda N. Riche.

Cartier 14ct retractable mechanical pencil